Guide to Transfer your Google Workspace / G Suite account to Infolinks

If Google bills you directly for your Google Workspace / G Suite account or you are paying via another reseller, you can transfer account management to Infolinks - an Official & Authorized Google reseller. Infolinks can manage your account for your organization and provide other services, such as deployment and support and you will get much more benefits:

1. Infolinks consult you the best solution to minimize your cost but full fill your needs.
2. Infolinks helps to with service sign up; deployment; data migration for FREE.
3. Infolinks trains your staff on how to get started with and utilize G Suite for FREE.
4. Infolinks helps you connect and work with Google Support team on technical or policy trouble.
5. Infolinks issues VAT invoices.
6. Infolinks offers you the best price with promotion & discount with large order.
7. Infolinks is committed to and adheres to Google's Quality Standards and Information Security and Privacy Principles to ensure Customers always receive service with the highest quality, stability and security.

You're still the super administrator of your account - the transfer just lets Infolinks add you as a customer.

To transfer the management of your account to a reseller, Google needs a transfer token. The token associates your account with your reseller. To get your transfer token:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your domain’s administrator username and password.
  3. The page automatically generates a token or you check the box then click GENERATE TRANSFER TOKEN (as below).

Give the token's alphanumeric code to Infolinks, we can complete the transfer for you.
Note: Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated.

Chuyen Dich vu G Suite ve Infolinks


Infolinks is an authorized Google Cloud Partner since 2012. Infolinks team passed all Google Partner requirements to be certified as professionals in Google Products and Services, that ensure to give clients the best experiences of Google solutions and help grow client's business.

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