Key Features of Google Workspace for Education

Key Features of Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education is a set of tools and services from Google specifically designed for Primary, Secondary, High School, and Eligible Universities and Colleges established in accordance with the law that qualified.

Now, Google has announced changes to the new version of Google Workspace for Education  with three main goals: to create opportunities for education leaders to bring innovation to schools tailored to their needs, and to strengthen teaching capacity for teachers, and equipping students with the tools and skills of online learning.

Google Workspace for Education has all the features you need for communication, teaching, data control, and security for remote online learning.

With the Google Meet feature, both students and teachers can fully teach and learn even in the case of weak Internet and more, teaching with Google Meet gives teachers the ability to have control over the classroom. better online. Thanks to the multi-host feature, teachers will participate in controlling - censorship, setting up decentralization in the online classroom. That is, teachers will have an additional "End meeting for all" option, which takes full control and prevents students from continuing the call after the class is over. In addition, to help uninterrupted teaching, teachers can mute the whole class and grant permission to unmute students when necessary, or prevent students from voluntarily sharing screens.


New tools in Classroom will also make it easier than ever to create a Google Classroom classroom. Upcoming advanced analytics makes it easier for teachers to sync lists, saving classroom creation time. In addition, the utility has also been upgraded and increased security, allowing teachers to integrate third-party tools and content directly into the Classroom interface. At the same time, teachers will have access to track student engagement through statistics, helping them understand how students interact with Classroom every day. Specifically, the Android Classroom app can work offline, giving students the freedom to review assignments, open Drive attachments, and do assignments on Google Docs without an Internet connection. This innovative app also allows teachers to grade and respond to student work anytime, anywhere. Notification mode in Classroom is prominently updated on the app instead of depending on email as before. The quality of images attached to the exercise is also improved with the functions of cropping, rotating images and adjusting lighting to help teachers better interact with students.

Learning with Google

In addition, Google Workspace for Education also provides many outstanding features to help teachers teach better and more effectively:

+ The Google Slides tool helps teachers prepare lesson plans and create lectures more conveniently. Take advantage of creating lectures on Google Slides to help teachers have a more lively lecture with a variety of presentation topics, videos, and vivid colorful animations to help students absorb knowledge more easily.

+ With Google Docs Tool will help teachers give quick and appropriate feedback even while students are working on assignments.

+ The Google Calendar feature helps teachers arrange personal time to communicate with each student in a 1-on-1 method or exchange in groups of students.

+ Google Sites tool, teachers can easily create a separate and simple website for students to easily store lecture information, exercises, videos and more, helping students to review freely lesson.

+ The Google Forms feature helps teachers create short online tests for the whole class, teachers can easily obtain tests and can set up automatic grading of tests for students without spending too much. time.

Thus, with this update of Google, the teaching and learning of teachers and students is no longer a big obstacle when learning remotely.