How to register Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education (GWSfE) is a service exclusively for educational institutions that meet Google's eligibility requirements, including but not limited to Primary, Secondary High School to University established under regulations. Google applies a separate registration and approval process with each edition of Google Workspace for Education.

There are 4 editions of Google Workspace for Education that you can choose from:

  1. Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals
  2. Google Workspace for Education Standard
  3. Google Workspace for Education Teaching & Learning Upgrade
  4. Google Workspace for Education Plus


Information to prepare before registration: School name, Number of students and teachers, School domain name and website, School address, Registrant's contact information (Name, email, phone number)

Step 1: Make sure your organization meets the conditions set by Google at:

Step 2: Go to the registration section

Step 3: Enter the information in the registration form

Step 4: Verify the domain name is owned by your instruction

Step 5: Contact Google to submit an application for eligibility to use Google Workspace for Education.

Complete the above steps and your profile is approved, you have successfully registered for Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals version, which is a free version with basic features for online teaching and learning including:

+ Google Meet: create online classes
+ Google Classroom: class management, assignment, interaction with students
+ Google Slides: create lecture slides
+ Google Forms: create tests, proficiency tests, surveys
+ Google Calendar: Create and organize class schedules
+ Google Assignments: manage and grade assignments
+ Google Drive: store and share documents
+ Gmail: connect and send emails/notifications to students/parents
+ Google Sites, Docs, Sheets, Youtube...
+ Admin console: for School Administrators to manage the entire system.

With other versions of Google Workspace for Education including Education Standard, Teaching & Learning Upgrade and Education Plus are paid versions you need to contact and register through an authorized Google partner in Vietnam like Infolinks to get help with registration or upgrade.

The paid versions have more advanced and complete features that make online teaching and learning more vivid and effective, including:

+ Ability to Record, Q&A, Vote, Group in Google Meet
+ The number of people participating in the large class is up to 250 people
+ On-campus live streaming to up to 100,000 people
+ Greater Google Drive storage
+ Advanced device management
+ Search in the whole domain (Google Cloud Search)
+ Synchronize data between Google Classroom and student information management systems
+ Quick support from Google

Google Workspace for Education Partner in Vietnam
Google Workspace for Education Partner in Vietnam

Infolinks is an official authorized Google partner to provide Google Workspace for Education services to eligible educational institutions in Vietnam.

Infolinks supports you through the process: consulting, registration and account setup, speeding up the Google approval process, deployment to teachers and students, user training and guidance, technical support , updating and upgrading new features as well as Google's regulations to ensure that organizations get the most out of Google Workspace for Education.

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