How to pay for the paid version of Google Workspace for Education through a partner

Google Workspace for Education

Google offers 4 versions of Google Workspace for Education to eligible educational institutions, including 1 free version (Education Fundamentals) and 3 paid versions (Education Standard, Teaching & Learning Upgrade, Education Plus).

Paid version with advanced features to meet the needs of high-quality online teaching and learning, enhanced teacher-student interaction, security, reporting, control, and scalability Extensive and integrated with third-party applications.

Premium features of the paid versions of Google Workspace for Education include:

+ Ability to Record, Q&A, Vote, Group in Google Meet
+ The number of people participating in the large class is up to 250 people
+ On-campus live streaming to up to 100,000 people
+ Greater Google Drive storage
+ Advanced device management
+ Search in the whole domain (Google Cloud Search)
+ Synchronize data between Google Classroom and student information management systems
+ Quick support from Google


Google Workspace for Education Partner in Vietnam
Google Workspace for Education Partner in Vietnam

For these paid versions, customer need to contact a local partner to register. Register Google Workspace for Education service through Google's a local partner, educational institutions will receive advice, support to deploy and order these paid versions. In addition to providing consulting services and implementing Google Workspace for educational institutions, Infolinks - Google's official partner in Vietnam also provides the following services: Technical support, User manual training, Authorization pay and provide valid invoices and vouchers, update and add new features and Google's regulations and policies to ensure stable operation and maximize efficiency that Google Workspace for Education brings.

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