G Suite for Education – Now is Google Workspace for Education

G Suite for Education - will now be Google Workspace for Education.

As with the G Suite Business versions, Google has officially changed the name and many features of the Education edition, G Suite for Education - now be Google Workspace for Education.

Over the course of 15 years, Google has been building and delivering tools for teaching and learning and has seen this need grow. Hopefully this change will give users better choice and more flexibility in choosing the best tools for their organization.

More than 170 million students and teachers worldwide are currently teaching and learning on Google's toolset. With the launch of Google Workspace for Education, everything you need to teach, learn, connect and share will remain in one place, accessible from anywhere on any device.

New version:

The biggest change, Google Workspace for Education will now have four separate versions instead of just two as before:

+ Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is the new name for G Suite for Education. This version will continue to be free for eligible schools and universities.

+ Google Workspace for Education Standard is a new option based on Education Fundamentals edition to provide organizations with enhanced security capabilities.

+ Teaching and Learning Upgrade is a new option based on Education Fundamentals or Education Standard editions to provide enhanced video communication, rich classroom experiences in Classroom, and critical thinking tools. reasoning and academic integrity.

+ Google Workspace for Education Plus is the new name of G Suite Enterprise for Education. This edition includes all the features from the Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade editions and more.

New storage policy:

As before, Google offers unlimited storage to eligible schools and universities. From July 2022, Google will roll out a new aggregated storage model for all instances of Google Workspace for Education.

The new storage model will give schools and universities 100TB of shared cloud storage for all users - instead of unlimited. According to Google, 100TB is enough memory for more than 100 million documents, 8 million presentations or 400,000 hours of video.

Deployment timeframe:

+ From April 14, 2021, all versions of Google Workspace for Education are available for subscription.

The new storage policy will take effect for existing customers on all instances of Google Workspace for Education from July 2022.

How to sign up for Google Workspace for Education:

Contact Infolinks, Google's official partner in Vietnam to register for paid versions of Google Workspace for Education including: Education Standard, Teaching & Learning Upgrade and Education Plus